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Swimfool.com is a resource for water treatment in pools, whirlpools, and paddling pools based on practical experience and facts.

Our goal is to provide readers with helpful pool maintenance tips that will effectively help improve water quality, save costs and ensure the health of all bathers.

All articles were written by Max Berg and based on his own experience in water treatment, facts, and thorough research.

The readers of swimfool.com confirm in their feedback that the tips and instructions in the individual articles concerning pool cleaning are effective.

Accompanied by extensive experience in water treatment, this site opens up new perspectives.

Content and Articles at Swimfool

The content on swimfool.com focuses on providing readers with straightforward and understandable advice on pool maintenance and cleaning.

I want you to know all of the expert tips and avoid unnecessary procedures when troubleshooting in the pool. With the well-researched specialist articles, I want to shake the pool industry who wish to sell unnecessary stuff.

Based on the shared knowledge, I make an indirect contribution to environmental protection and you, the reader, save costs at the pool through the targeted use of pool chemistry.

But swimfool is a site that goes way beyond regular pool maintenance.

You’ll also find articles about whirlpools, paddling pools, and even a few products reports.

Here you can find a small selection of the articles that have already been published.

Problems with the pool

One of the first articles published was – How to Purify Green Pool Water. Several thousand readers have benefited from the valuable tips since it was published.

You can find more related topics on the blog.

Eliminate the most common pool water problems:

  • How to clean cloudy pool water.
  • How to eliminate pool algae.
  • How to remove sand from the pool ground.

Other related articles are about how to use pool chemistry properly.

Water treatment in the pool with pool chemistry

It is appalling how much false knowledge about the application of pool chemistry is shared over the net.

Incorrect use of chemicals disturbs the water balance and endangers your health.

That’s why I’ve written a complete guide to the use of pool chemistry.

Other interesting articles are the following:

In addition to optimizing the water balance with pool chemicals, you will find other blog articles on how to operate the pool without chemicals.

Pool maintenance tips

With the operation of a swimming pool, there are new challenges with pool technology.

With my tips, you will ensure smooth functionality, identify problems in good time and eliminate malfunctions so that there is no imbalance in the water balance.

And while we’re talking about pool technology, you should read the product reports.

Honest product reviews

In addition to chlorine and other chemicals, the essential pool equipment is crucial for clean pool water.

In addition to buying a suitable pool pump and calculating the running times, you will find other honest product reports.

You can find many more testimonials and test comparisons using the internal search function.

I have more to offer

I wouldn’t call the site swimfool if I didn’t have more free posts in stock.

I can guarantee you one thing: you will find all the crucial topics on the subject of water treatment using the internal search function on swimfool.

I hope you benefit from the tips on this site.

Editorial guidelines

I appreciate good specialist literature where I can find fundamental knowledge and get to the point without much going around it.

That’s why I’ve set myself editorial guidelines since the first article, which I follow every time.

In addition to correcting articles, I adhere to the following rules.

Accurate information

My readers should benefit from properly researched information based on facts.

That’s why I double-check every single article before I publish it. I want to make sure that the information provided is based on my knowledge or has been proven by a reputable source.

I am also open to feedback from my readers and enable contact via Facebook, Twitter, and Co. under @swimfool.

If the content is outdated and does not reflect the latest state of the art, then it is my job to update the article – but I am also happy to receive tips from my readers.

Complete integrity and transparency

This site is not one of the ordinary pool maintenance sites trying to sell you pool cleaning supplies.

I do not promise you the yellow of the egg and publish instructions and only recommend products that have a positive effect.

My integrity is important to me, so I want to be transparent to my readers.

At no point may my editorial integrity be compromised by the influence of advertisers. If I want to recommend a product to you, I contact the advertisers and check whether they wish to become part of the community.


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You can read more about this topic in data protection.

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I like to help my readers and appreciate personal contact.

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