7 Tips How to Keep Birds From Pooping in Your Pool

It is a common problem among pool owners. They buy a beautiful new above-ground pool, fill it up with water, and what happens? They have birds poop in their pool!

This is bad because the poop from birds can be harmful to your health and affect the water quality.

In this article, I explain how to get rid of birds from the pool without hurting them.

Why birds are pooping in your pool

Do you know why are birds pooping in your pool?

They may be flying from one place to another or flying away from predators such as hawks.

Another reason the bird is pooping in your pool is that it is looking for a nearby place that will provide shade, cover, and food!

When choosing a location for this, they sometimes choose your above-ground pool. A bird likes being high up, and the pool provides this for them as well as a place to drink.

It is not just one bird, but it seems that many birds have been choosing your pool as their favorite location for feeding and as a toilet.

Well, no matter how many times you clean or try to scare away the bird, they will continue pooping in the pool.

What should you do, and how can you make them stop?

How to keep birds from pooping in your pool?

It is not that hard to scare away the birds from your pool.

Several steps and products are available to prevent birds from pooping in your pool.

But I think these tips will help you with the problem. And help you keep your pool clean!

#1 Create an uncomfortable place to land

Birds need space to land, and this needs to be taken away.

Place a border of one-inch chicken wire around your pool, and it will keep the birds from pooping in your pool.

The use of a border might not be so effective for birds who can swim and who will dive down to poop in your pool. That is why the floating pool cover is your best option.

This cover is easy to install, and it works quite well – even against diving ducks – if you make sure that the edges are below the water surface and that it is strong enough (try not to by a cheap one).

#2 Use shiny material to scare the birds

Shiny material works well with all types of birds because birds cannot see their reflection.

So it thinks that there is another bigger predator around the pool, and they will often fly off when seeing their image.

The best way to get the bird away from your pool is to place a small mirror in the area.

Some bird tapes are available in the shops, but you can make your tape with some shiny adhesive tape.

You can use this kind of material to hang around the pool area.

#3 Use a bird repellent

A bird repellent will help you if you have a lot of birds in your area.

This device emits a high-frequency sound that will keep the birds away from the pool.

There are several products available for this purpose. You can find them at pool stores or online.

Just remember to put it on, so the birds don’t get used to the noise and go somewhere else.

But at some time, the birds will get used to the noise. So you have to replace the device now and then.

There are also bird scarers available that work with a light beam directed at your pool or water surface. The birds will see it as an obstacle and go somewhere else.

#4 Place some plastic predators in your pool

How about using some large inflatable animals?

The birds will see these animals as big predators and avoid your pool area!

Try it out!

There are also fake owls that can be used to keep birds away from your pool. They are also available in different sizes.

#5 Use scare-eye balloons

How about using balloons with scare-eyes?

These balloons with eyes look scary to the birds because they look like predators.

The balloon is filled with helium and put up in the air.

Later these scare-eye balloons can be used at home around Halloween time!

These scare tactics should work well to prevent birds from pooping in your pool!

#6 Use a water jet device in your pool

If you have a bird problem near your pool, use a water jet device to keep the birds away from the pool.

The water pressure from these devices is strong enough to scare the birds and make them fly away. 

There are three kinds of water jet devices: solar-, and electric-powered ones.

Solar and electric water jet devices need to be charged with power all day long. But this is not a problem since solar systems generate power on their own, so they don’t need any more costs for operation.

#7 Install a fence around your pool

If none of these tips helped, then you can try building a fence around the entire pool.

This method is very inconvenient, and I would rather try to protect the pool with a simple cover.

The fence is not efficient because:

  • It isn’t easy to clean behind the fences and troughs. Birds will leave poo everywhere!
  • The fence needs to be very high.
  • The fence makes the pool look like a prison.

How to keep ducks and geese from swimming in your pool 

As you know, there are many kinds of ducks, like mallards and wood ducks. There is also the muscovy duck. They all love to swim in your pool, pond, or spa!

So what can you do to keep them from swimming in your pool?

First of all:

  1. Prevent them from getting in at all by fencing off or covering your pond.
  2. You could also lay chicken wire on the top of your pond edge.

Try a combination of all the tips I mentioned above.

Alternatively, you can check out my other blog article on what to do about ducks in the pool.

How to keep pigeons away from your pool?

Pigeons can be cute, but they are also very annoying pests.

If you have a pool, the bad news for you is that these birds will immediately know it, and at first sight of your water pond, they will come to rest on its edge or even on the water’s surface, and they will be soon pooping it.

Moreover, there is a risk of getting diseases through those droppings as parasites may live on the pigeon’s bodies.

So what should you do to ensure that pigeons don’t trash your pool?

You must first make sure that they can’t land on your pool’s edge or even on its surface by hanging some wind bells next to it.

As soon as they see these objects swinging in the wind, they will be scared away and won’t dare come closer. So not only will you remove one of their favorite resting spots, but also they will try to find a new one and won’t land on your pool for sure.

However, it is quite possible that even if you do this trick, some pigeons still decide to fly over the pool from time to time as those birds are greedy.

In the worst case, you have to place some spikes along the length of your pool to make sure they never perch on its edge.

But be careful not to hurt them as these animals are living creatures, and you will be responsible for anything that happens after this. Don’t harm another creature if it is possible!

If they continue to poo on your water, all you have to do is place a net over it, so they will fly away without having the possibility of resting on your pool.

They won’t fall in by accident as they are too clever for that! However, you have to consider that these nets are available in different colors, and not all pigeons disappear when they see them.

Is bird poop in your pool dangerous?

Yes, bird poop can be very dangerous to your health.

Bird droppings are the primary carrier of a parasite known as “Cryptocaryon irritans,” also referred to as marine ich and white spot disease.

If there is enough free chlorine in the pool, then the risk of getting sick is much lower, in case you miss some of the bird poop.

Sometimes the bird droppings also dissolve in the water and are not visible. That is why ongoing pool maintenance is mandatory.

But when you see poo in your pool, it’s time to act!

Here’s how you can clean bird poop out of your pool.

What to do when birds poop in your pool

Don’t wait to clean up after a bird dump in your pool.

  1. First, do not use any automatic pool cleaner when avian fecal matter is in the water.
  2. Second, do not scrub, brush or vacuum the area until you are certain no more droppings will fall. Use a leaf skimmer instead to remove the bulk of it quickly.
  3. Do not pour excessive amounts of chlorine into the pool to eliminate the poop. Doing so may combine the chemicals with fecal matter and cause a harmful byproduct in your pool.
  4. Next, use water testing strips to see your alkalinity and pH levels before taking any action. If necessary, the values are optimized according to the pool value table.
  5. Start the pool pump to filtrate the water and run it for 12 hours.
  6. After all of the above, use a regular vacuum to clean the area thoroughly before using your pool brush.
  7. Next, shock your pool to kill any residue left by the bird.
  8. I recommend placing an extra chlorine tab in the floater or skimmer to produce free chlorine.

That’s it! You can now enjoy your pool.

Do you have further questions about bird poop in your swimming pool?

The best way to contact me is @contactswimfool on Twitter or Pinterest. I am happy to help you.

Have fun swimming!

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