How to Keep Ducks Out of Your Pool

Ducks have no place in the pool, and you should do everything you can to keep ducks out of your pool.

Keeping them away from your swimming pool is no easy task.

But it can be done with a few tricks that will help you create a safe environment for your family and create conditions that your feathered friends won’t swim in anymore.

Why do ducks always come into your pool?

You ask yourself why do ducks keep coming to your pool?

Ducks have a lot of fun in the water, and they will always travel towards it.

And you know what?

A duck is not differentiating between your pool and a natural pond.

Often, ducks will come because their pond or lake is being drained due to lack of rain. So your swimming pool is the only place for them to go.

It is not a pool maintenance issue. It is just the nature of a duck.

Why do you need to keep ducks out of the pool?

Maybe you find it funny that ducks like to relax in your pool.

But how would you feel if one day you were swimming and all of a sudden a duck came to take a swim in your pool?

It can be dangerous depending on how big the animal is. Well, it’s not only dangerous but also annoying.

Hygiene of the pool is an issue too.

You will need to spend more time cleaning it, and it won’t seem like you swimming in your own private pool anymore.

So how can you make sure that this situation will never happen again? 

Let’s see how we can keep ducks out of the swimming pool.

How to keep ducks out of the pool

First, you need to create a barrier that prevents the ducks from getting anywhere near your swimming pool.

If there’s one thing that will keep them away from the pool, it is the sound of splashing water.

Ducks always want to find a calm and quiet place where they can relax.

Create some fake water movement.

Since ducks get afraid when they feel the waves hitting their bodies, they will never want to come back for another visit.

So what you need to do is make a small waterfall near your pool or maybe in the middle if it’s big enough. You can use a little Intex waterfall for your above-ground pool.

A few more things that will scare ducks away are:

  • Strong lights
  • Loud sounds

Ducks are susceptible to these things, so they will run away if they recognize any of them.

There is one more thing you might want to consider, and that is a pool heater.

Ducks can’t stand really hot water, so if the temperature inside your pool is very high, they will never enter it.

But how can you do that? That’s simple – with a pool heater, of course!

But for real, that’s a stupid idea I often read. Just remember the heating costs in your pool.

Use an automatic pool cleaner to scare the ducks

An automatic pool cleaner can be used to scare the ducks away from your pool.

The noise and movement alone can be enough to deter them.

But dont leave the pool cleaner in the water unless you are actively using it.

Even if you have a pool cover, leaving a pool cleaning robot constantly in the water will eventually cause problems with your equipment and the longevity of your pool surface.

Another way of keeping them out is through an automatic chemical dispenser.

Cover your pool against ducks

Maybe you should simply cover your pool to keep the ducks away.

You need to cover your pool with a duck-proof safety cover.

This will also prevent other animals like raccoons, cats, and even mice from getting into the pool, as well as protect your property from falling debris during those heavy winds or storms.

If you think that keeping ducks out of the pool is impossible, you are wrong.

These methods that I have mentioned will help you get rid of ducks for good.

Try inflatable swimming accessories

Ducks are fearful animals and will flee immediately when they meet a predator.

The best way to keep ducks away from your pool is by placing inflatable swimming accessories.

A scary inflatable crocodile in the pool will scare them off instantly.

Due to their natural fear of water predators, they will never want to swim in a pool infested with a crocodile.

Duck scare tape

Yes, that’s right! You can use duck tape to keep ducks out of the pool.

Just put the duck tape in front of your pool and all around it.

This might work for small pools, but definitely not for big ones.

Duck tape can be found in any pet store.

Can my dog help against ducks in the pool?

Ducks are scared of dogs, so they will stay away from the pool if you have a dog.

Dogs can be trained to keep ducks out of your pool as well.

If you want your dog to protect your swimming pool, teach him how to bark and attack whenever he sees a duck near the pool, which should scare them away.

Keeping the ducks away from your pond

You don’t have a pool, but you have a pond? Ensure that there is no other way for the duck to get into it.

Tallgrass growing all around your pond will not allow the duck to come close. This might take some time because weeds naturally grow slow, but it is worth it.

If you still have a problem keeping ducks away from the pond, you can put a fence around it.

Use a net or just some heavy plastic bags and cover the edges of your pond with them.

This will prevent the duck from entering into it.

The wrong way how to keep ducks out of the pool

There are many tips on the internet on how to keep ducks out of a pool, but you should not consider all of them.

Some might be good, but some of them are just stupid.

For example, you will find tips to keep ducks away with lasers.

This method does not work, and it wastes money and time.

Using nets against ducks in your pool

Another thing you will find is how to keep ducks out with nets, nets that you put all around the pool to scare them away.


Don’t use this method because it’s stupid and won’t work.

Nets might look nice, but they are not effective at all.

Using fishing line against ducks in the swimming pool

Using a fishing line is the wrong way to keep the ducks out of your pool.

I don’t know how it happened, but this method is ridiculous and does not work.

Please don’t use a fishing line to scare the ducks away.

The fishing line will hurt the animals, and in the worst case, you could also get injured by the fishing line.

Hurting the ducks

You should not try to kill or hurt the ducks in any way.

Those are just some of the wrong ways to keep birds away from the pool.

Just make sure that you have all those things I said before, and they will stay away from your property.

These are all practical tips, but they might not work for everybody because every property is different.

But don’t give up yet! Keep trying, and you will find out how to keep the ducks away from your pool.

Do you have more questions about ducks in your pool?

Ask me your questions at @contactswimfool on Twitter.

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Good luck chasing the ducks away!

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