How to Add Muriatic Acid in Your Pool to Lower The Alkalinity

muriatic acid pool

Alkalinity plays an important role in pool cleaning. Too high a value should not be underestimated and leads to cloudy water. But how can you lower the alkalinity with Muriatic acid? In this article, I will show you how to properly use muriatic acid in

How to Clean The Pool After Animals Have Been in It?

clean pool after animal

Several animals find pleasure in the sound and splashing water from backyard swimming pools. This is especially true after a good rain or when sprinklers run. The pool creates an environment that attracts these wild creatures, who usually come to drink. But what to do

7 Tips How to Keep Birds From Pooping in Your Pool

bird poop in pool

It is a common problem among pool owners. They buy a beautiful new above-ground pool, fill it up with water, and what happens? They have birds poop in their pool! This is bad because the poop from birds can be harmful to your health and

How to Use Bleach in Your Pool 101

Pool Bleach

Bleach is a popular chemical for pool maintenance. It is used to cleanse organic wastes, algae, and bacteria build-up in pool water treatment. Bleach is like chlorine, a disinfectant for pool care to get rid of the algae and other bacteria. If you’re using bleach

7 Troubleshooting Tips For Your Pool Vacuum Not Working

Pool Vacuum Not Working

When you clean the pool, it can happen that the pool vacuum cleaner does not work anymore. But why isn’t the pool vacuum cleaner working, and how can the problem be resolved? If the pool vacuum is not vacuuming, the vacuum is probably connected to

10 Tips How to Keep a Pool Clean Without a Pump

How to Keep a Pool Clean Without a Pump

If you want to keep a pool clean without a pump, you have to expect more effort for pool maintenance. But how does pool maintenance work without an installed pump and a filter system? First of all, after the initial filling, the pH value, the

9 Troubleshooting Tips For Your Pool Pump Not Working

Pool Pump Not Working

Pool pump malfunctions rarely occur if the pump is installed correctly. But it can still happen that the pump sucks in some air or, in the worst case, does not circulate the water at all. If the pool pump does not work anymore, the pressure

How to Keep Ducks Out of Your Pool

How to keep ducks out of pool

Ducks have no place in the pool, and you should do everything you can to keep ducks out of your pool. Keeping them away from your swimming pool is no easy task. But it can be done with a few tricks that will help you

11 Most Common Questions About The Pool Pump

Pool Pump

The pool pump is a crucial part of any pool system, and you should inform yourself thoroughly before buying a new pump. In this post, you will find frequently asked questions about the pool pump. #1 What size pump do I need for my above-ground

Do You Run The Pool Pump While Swimming (3 Pros and Cons)

Do You Run The Pool Pump While Swimming

A pool pump should be used in every larger pool so that the water stays clean. The pump is operated electrically, and many pool owners are unsure whether the pump and the sand filter system must be switched off for safety when swimming or whether

How to Buy The Best Above Ground Pool Pump in 2022

Best Above Ground Pool Pump

The pool pump is the heart of the pool, and it is essential for clean water. But which pool pump is the best, and how do you calculate the required power for your pool? In order to find the right pool pump, the strength of

The 5 Best Pool Heater in 2022

Best Pool Heater

There are various pool heaters on the market that can heat the water. But which pool heater is the best and what do you have to look out for when buying? The choice for a pool heater is a personal decision because bathing habits, the

Above Ground Pool Heater 101 (How to Buy The Best One)

Above Ground Pool Heater

It is worth considering whether you should heat the pool to extend your pool season. But which pool heater is suitable and how much does it cost to heat a pool? The pool water can be heated with the heat pump, an oil and gas