How to Heat a Kiddie Pool The Smart Way

How to Heat a Kiddie Pool

Children enjoy spending time in the kiddie pool if the water has been warmed up beforehand. But how do you get the kiddie pool warm, and which heating method is best? A kiddie pool is best heated with a solar cover or a solar pool

How to Clear Cloudy Pool Water Fast (Step-By-Step Guide)

How to Clear Cloudy Pool Water Fast

If the pool water is cloudy, this is often due to neglected water treatment. What should you do if your pool is cloudy, and how can you clear the cloudy pool water? In order to clear cloudy pool water, the pool must first be scrubbed

How to Backwash a Pool Filter The Smart Way

how to backwash pool filter

The backwashing of the sand filter system must take place at regular intervals so that the system filters the pool water. But how is the sand filter system backwashed, and what should you watch out for? A sand filter system must be backwashed at a

How Long Should I Run My Pool Pump Each Day

how long to run pool pump

An optimized running time of the pool pump is important for the water quality in the swimming pool and can save electricity costs. But how long should a pump run in the pool every day? The pool pump running time is set according to the

How to Get Rid of Mosquito Larvae in Your Pool

how to kill Kill Mosquito Larvae in Pool

Many pool owners have a problem with mosquito larvae in the pool, and even the government recommends combating mosquitoes. But how do you remove the larvae from the pool water before they grow into bloodthirsty mosquitoes? Mosquito larvae are best combated with long filter runtimes

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Pool

how to keep mosquitoes away from pool

The mosquito’s bite is unpleasant, and especially pool owners often have a problem with mosquitos. But how do you get control of the mosquito problem near the pool? You can fight mosquitoes with pesticides or keep them away with electrical devices such as a fan

How to Get Rid of Water Bugs in Your Pool (6 Proven Tips)

How to Get Rid of Water Bugs in Pool

Water bugs in the pool are unsavory and, unfortunately, hard to avoid. In addition, some bugs can bite and be toxic. But how can you get rid of the insects from your swimming pool and prevent them from entering it again? Swimming water bugs are

3 Common Types of Water Bugs in The Pool

common water bugs in pool

Many different water bugs end up in the pool, but which are the most common, and why is your pool so attractive? The water boatmen, backswimmers, springtails, mosquitoes larvae, great diving beetle, or the yellow firebug are most common in private pools. The insects usually

How to Keep Wasps Away From Your Pool (7 Helpful Measures)

How to Keep Wasps Away From Pool

Wasps are essential for a balance in nature, still flying insects have no business in swimming pools. But how can you keep the wasps away from the pool? The best way to keep wasps out of the pool is to provide an alternative water source.

How to Keep Bees Away From Your Pool

How to Keep Bees Away From Pool

On summer days, bees often come across as uninvited guests at the pool and fall into the water. But how to keep wild bees away from your pool? The best way to keep bees out of the pool is to use a special bee water

How to Get Rid of Tadpoles and Frog Eggs in Your Pool

tadpoles in pool

Have you spotted little tadpoles in your pool and don’t know what to do? One thing is sure, frog eggs and tadpoles have no place in the pool water. But how do you remove the tadpoles from the water? In some areas, tadpoles usually are

How to Keep Frogs Out of Your Pool (7 Proven Methods)

How to keep frogs out of pool

Frogs have no place in a pool. But what should you do if you spot a frog in the pool, and how can you drive the amphibians away? The frog is useful against many harmful insects and should not be killed. But as a pool

Will Baking Soda Lower The Chlorine Level in Your Pool?

Lower chlorine with baking soda

When we talk about pool disinfection, we automatically think about chlorine. And in fact, chlorine is the most popular chemical to disinfect pool water. But when you miscalculate and add more chlorine into your swimming pool than necessary, you are in trouble. Overly chlorinated pool

Is Chlorine The Same as Bleach and Pool Shock?

Chlorine the same as Bleach

If you don’t want dirty water and algae in your pool, you need to take care of your pool. Otherwise, the pool water will get green immediately. Chlorine disinfection is the most time-tested method recommended by experts, and large stationary pools are usually treated with

13 Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes and How to Prevent Them

Pool Maintenance Mistakes

Proper pool maintenance has to be learned, and even tiny mistakes harm the water quality. But which mistakes should you avoid in your swimming pool, and which pool maintenance tips actually work? The filter system must run at least 6 hours/day when it comes to