What is Alkalinity in a Pool and Why is It Important?

Alkalinity In a Pool

The alkalinity is an important part of water treatment in swimming pools. But what exactly is the total alkalinity, and how should the ideal alkalinity parameter look like? In the pool, the alkalinity (total alkalinity or TA value) describes the buffer capacity of the pool

The Truth About Using Ascorbic Acid in Your Pool

Ascorbic Acid

Your pool water has turned green, and you got the tip in forums to use ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in the pool to remove the cloudiness? But does that make sense from the point of view of pool experts, and is ascorbic acid actually a

Pool Water Testing 101 (Complete Guide How to Test Pool Water)

Pool Water Testing

The correct measuring method and the precise determination of the parameters in the pool water is essential to identify disturbances in the water balance and to eliminate them with suitable means. But how is the pool water tested correctly, and how often should this occur?

Pool Chemistry Charts 101 (Pool Chemical Dosage Guidelines)

Pool Chemistry Charts

There are different methods of testing the pool water. But the best measurement method is of no use if you are unclear which water parameters are essential for pool maintenance. An overview of the most important basic parameters in the pool can be found here

Pool Chemical Storage Guide: How to Store Pool Chemicals

Pool Chemical Storage

Many pool newcomers forget that using pool chemicals is dangerous and must be stored properly to minimize health risks and protect the environment. But how to ensure a suitable pool chemical storage? The pool chemicals should always be kept in the original container and not

The Shocking Truth About Phosphates in Your Pool Water

Phosphates in Pool

Over time, every pool owner will be confronted with the phosphate in the pool. Is phosphate harmful? Do you have to remove the phosphate from your pool water, and if it is, what is the best way to remove the phosphate? The phosphate in the

Pool Algaecide Guide (Optimal Use to Kill Algae in Your Pool)

Pool Algaecide

Beginners often use the algaecide in the pool, but the algae agent is not always necessary. When is the algaecide used, can it be harmful, and which agent would be an alternative? Algaecides are used in the pool to remove algae and inhibit the recurring

How to Get Rid of Algae in Your Pool Quickly

how to get rid of algae in pool

At some point, every pool owner has to deal with algae in the pool. But what should you do if you have a problem with pool algae? Green and yellow algae in the pool can be easily removed with a pool brush, a flocculant, and

How to Get Rid of Black Algae in Your Pool (7 Easy Steps)

black algae in pool

Black algae in the pool are the horror of every pool owner and are considered harmful to health. What are the needed steps for combating black algae, and how do you permanently get them out of the pool? The black algae in the pool must

What Causes Algae in Your Pool? (Pool Algae Species Overview)

pool algae

Combating algae plays an important role in pool maintenance and crystal clear water. But how do algae develop in the pool, and which types of algae are most common? This article will explain how pool algae grow and what promotes algae growth in pool water.

Top 9 Pool Robot Cleaner (This One is The Best in 2022)

Finding a good and fully automated pool robot cleaner can be time-consuming. Which pool robot cleaner is recommended for your swimming pool, and which of them is the best? This pool robot comparison provides a helpful overview of the best pool robots for your swimming

Top 7 Above Ground Pool Vacuums (This One is The Best in 2022)

Finding a good above-ground pool vacuum cleaner can be time-consuming. Which pool vacuum is recommended for your swimming pool, and which of them is the best? This above-ground pool vacuum comparison provides a helpful overview of the best pool vacuums for your swimming pool, with